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Are you lost?.EN

Right now, many people and perhaps you too, are in an uncertain grey area, where we do not see a future. Fear and - uncertainty enter our heads with thoughts like "I won't go back to work", "I'll catch the virus", "I'm going to lose the company", "there's no solution". In many cases -
this fear- leaves us paralyzed.

This chain of thoughts does not mean that you are weak, but that you are human.

To get through it, think first of other past crises you overcame. You were able to, right? That means you are able to get through this one.

Secondly, think of immediate action to improve your situation or your mood. Make a phone call to a client, go out to do sport, or update your Linkedin profile.
Take a step. Get a small win.

From there, try to connect those small triumphs one after the other.

At the end of the day, write down all the triumphs you have achieved, and then- plan for the next day - with small new steps and goals.

You can follow these steps alone, but this process works better and faster with help.
If you need it, contact me.

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