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Take Care Of Your Mental Health. EN

In my videos I usually talk about positive psychology, how to be an extraordinary individual or company. But there is also a reality in the business world and in people's private lives that we have to stop hiding once and for all. Psychological problems. If you suffer from depression, burn-out, panic attacks or any other psychological problem, talk to someone about it. Seek help. Your problem is real, it is suffered by a lot of people and it has a solution. We want you strong and we want you happy.

If you have never suffered a mental problem, please don't judge who is going through it. Many of your heroes, great athletes, actors and actresses, successful models and entrepreneurs suffer from mental health problems. It can happen to anyone at any time. It can happen to you. 

We have to normalize mental health problems. We have to talk about it. Already. It is the only way to alleviate a suffering that affects millions of people.

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