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Why Companies And People Fail. EN

1.       They don’t work hard.
2.       They don’t offer quality.
3.       They don’t keep their promises.
4.       They aren’t consistent.
1.  They don’t work hard.
If you have some work to do, do it. Once you have finished, you can celebrate. Being busy is not productive, so focus on what’s important and do it. As a rule of thumb, the most important thing to do, is that which you are less willing to do right now.
2. They don’t offer quality.
Your product or service is not good enough when you say it is, or when your friends say it is. It is good enough when people are willing to pay good money for it. Quality is defined by the customer, so listen to them and use their criticism every day- to make your work better.
3.  They don’t keep their promises.
The whole economy is based on promises. Money has value because it promises that somebody will give you something for that piece of paper. A brand guarantees a high-quality experience to the customer. An ad is the promise of a better life. A salesman’s work is to convince a customer that the company and the product will keep their promises.
If you don’t keep your word, your value is zero.
4.  They aren’t consistent.
Be relentless. We are seven billion people in this world. If you stop before your goal is achieved, somebody will overtake you. There are a lot of startups that fail because they stop just when they are two steps away from the breakthrough.
1.       Work hard.
2.       Do it right.
3.       Keep your word.
4.       Be patient.

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