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Your Attitude is Your Destiny. EN

-Do you often think about the negative side of your work?
-Do you point out other people's mistakes?
-Do you have a bad opinion of the people around you?
-Do you complain about everything and everyone?

If so, you have activated your Negative Emotional Attractor and your sympathétic nervous system.

You are closing yourself off from new opportunities, you are less creative, you are more defensive, your stress level is higher and you are pushing people away from you. In this situation your chances of success are
plummeting (plamiting).

The good news is that changing your attitude is up to you. The mind and the body are one. What you think and how you feel affects your body and vice versa (vais- vesa).

Here's what you have to do:

Follow a healthy diet and play sports
Don’t judge.
- Focus your mind on the solution, not the problem.
- Write down everything positive that has happened to you during the day in a journal.

Remember: Your attitude is your destiny. Choose a positive attitude.

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