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El premio es solo para los valientes. ES

Carmen López

Psychologist. Master in Human Resources.



Looking for talent doesn't mean that you have to read a lot of curriculums, but to follow the trace it leaves: An excellent work. Because the most important thing is not what you learn, or the companies in which you have worked in. The most important thing is what you do. 

You need five things to make your work exceptional: Energy, focus, time, creativity and an total commitment to quality. 

Behind these five pillars there's just one thing: Motivation. Motivation is the difference between the world champion and the second classified. Motivation makes a runner run to the finish line when he has no more stamina left, a climber reach an impossible summit, a creator fight against himself until his work is perfect. With motivation you find time where there's no more time, motivation keeps your energy level and your focus at the highest level, and makes you see the world differently. When you are motivated you are capable of throwing away an almost finished work and starting it again until it is excellent. 

The motivation is generated by the necessity. It's clear: If someone is hungry, no doubt he will put all his mental, physical and time resources to satisfy that necessity. The necessity is the motive; the necessity shoots the motivation up. This isn´t new. In the 1930's, Abraham Maslow proposed a theory about the human needs. According to it, the people who mobilize their resources do it on account of a necessity: Eating, sex, money, belonging, acknowledgement or self-realization. 


But to find the source of Talent we have to look beyond the necessity. There´s no doubt that the physical needs subjugate the rest: Hunger, thirst, to avoid pain... but in developed economies, these needs are very often covered. Most of the people are motivated by the superior needs in the Maslow Pyramid: Money, power, belonging, freedom, acknowledgement or self-realization. And how the marketing experts and the sales people know very well, the needs can be created, changed or slanted. You just need to control one thing: the beliefs. If someone is absolute convinced about something he becomes unstoppable. 

The beliefs are the origin of everything else. 


Las buenas oportunidades son como los trenes. Vienen y se van. Para todos. Pero sólo unos pocos las aprovechan. Hay cuatro razones principales:

1. La gente no ve el tren (No reconocen las oportunidades cuando las tienen delante)
2. La gente no tiene el billete (no tienen las habilidades para aprovechar esa oportunidad)
3. La gente piensa que el tren no es para ellos (Tienen baja autoestima)
4. La gente tiene miedo de saltar y cambiar su vida. (Realmente no quieren hacer los sacrificios para conseguir lo que quieren)

Las oportunidades no son el problema para conseguir lo que quieres. Pero tú podrías serlo.
Así que..,
Mantén los ojos abiertos. Prepárate. Cree en ti mismo. Salta. Y trabaja como un loco.
El premio es solo para los valientes

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