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I'll help you overcome the pressure

and regain control.


In 30 days you will notice the change.

Stressed Man


24.4% of Swiss workers suffer from stress frequently or always. 


Stress-related sick leave has increased by 20% in Switzerland in just five years. This is what the insurance company Swica warns about this problem.  

The World Health Organization predicted that by 2020, depression related to chronic stress will be the second leading cause of disability in the world. 

According to these data I can deduce that of the 14000 followers I have on Linkedin, 3500 of you suffer from chronic stress.

Stress in little doses is harmless, but chronic stress leads to pathologies that go from fatigue, focus and memory loss, to depression, obesity, high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Let's evaluate the situation: On a scale of 1 to 5, mark how much you agree with the following statements. Please be honest:

1 point: I do not agree at all

2. points: Do not agree 

3. points: I neither agree nor disagree

4. points: I agree to a large extent

5. points: I agree completely

You get angry easily (1-5)

You feel you are not in control (1-5)

You do not enjoy anything (1-5)

Your comments are cynical (1-5)

You do not take care of your health (1-5)

You feel confused (1-5)

You don't manage (1-5)

You have lost focus (1-5)

You are exhausted (1-5)

You have negative thoughts (1-5)

You feel lost (1-5)

You are sad (1-5)

You feel guilty (1-5)

Problems seem insurmountable (1-5)

You feel pressure and discomfort (1-5)

Now sum up the numbers you have marked for each sentence please. 

Here are your results:


60-75 Points        

You have very high stress. You should do something now.

45-60 Points       

You have high stress. You should do something before it gets worse.

30-45 Points        

You should take care of yourself so that stress does not build up anymore

15-30 Points     

Everything seems to be under control.

If you have more than 40 points in the test I advise you to seek help.

This test developed by me is not scientifically validated, but it allows you to begin to define your problem and the degree of intensity in which you may be suffering from it.



When I start working with my clients, I use different tools to narrow down the stress problem as precisely as possible and study its origin. In this way, I develop a personalized program to achieve maximum impact. 


We work on your thoughts, emotions and behaviors to break the negative cycle and start rebuilding your confidence, energy and security. 


The problem of stress occurs at a subconscious level. My work consists of preparing actions and exercises to change the way you perceive your environment, people and yourself. To change the way you react to it. And to change the emotions you feel, going from negative emotions, which negatively affect your health, to positive emotions. 


This work generates a change in your nervous system and the hormones generated by your body, deactivating little by little your state of chronic stress. In 30 days you begin to notice the improvement.


Once a week, we meet for an hour with very specific objectives in mind. 


In the first two sessions we analyze your problems and your stress level. With that information I prepare an action plan that we put into practice in the following sessions. 


Sessions 3 to 15-24 (depending on the degree of stress) are 100% practical. We analyze the previous week's stress work, look for specific solutions and I give you tools and goals for the following week. Problems are addressed as they arise. From the fourth session onwards, your stress level starts to reduce. You begin to regain control. 


In sessions 16-25 (depending on the degree of stress) you have overcome the crisis. I give you a report where you can see your evolution. There you will find recommendations for the road ahead. 


After the program You will feel like a different person. You will be equipped to manage stress peaks yourself. Sometimes there may be challenges at work that we can work through with one or two sessions.  


Want to feel better? Shall we get started?

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Contact me and let's talk about how you can regain control.

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