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Carmen López

Psychologin. Master in Human Resources.

1. What's your job?

People happy and satisfied in their work, and with it to obtain a greater yield and benefits. 

Psychology is a science. What can be measured can be changed.


Through knowledge and psychological tools, we help people who are part of the company to achieve their goals: 


For example:

Some of my clients want a promotion in their job or develop their leadership, 

Others work on new ideas and develop projects, 

There are entrepreneurs who seek advice for teamwork and improved communication. 

There are managers and CEOs who need support and accompaniment in the change and culture of the company.

Manage their stress. 



2. Why is Business Psychology important in companies? 

Psychologists are experts in behaviour, communication and emotion management. These 3 aspects are present in all people and therefore in companies. 


Learning to manage these three aspects, especially in times of change such as we are currently living with the rapid introduction of new technologies is a competitive advantage. 


3. The key question is: how much money can a company earn by applying Business Psychology? 

Only with an increase in employee motivation, on average a company can increase its profits by 22%. It's a lot of money for the company and welfare for the employees. It is a win-win.


4. What is the most difficult part of your job?

The process of change requires time and patience. Many people start out very excited but at the end of the road they need more support and encouragement. Our brain gives us many false arguments, which are actually excuses for us to go back to the old habits. All changes require small "pushes" every day. I wouldn't really say it's hard to change, but it takes time. 


On the other hand every person and company is different, so every work process I design is personalized. You have to analyze how each person is and what methods or psychological tools can best help each of them.


5. What is the best thing about your job?

It's really exciting for me and my clients to see how they succeed, get what they want and enjoy it. ​

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