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Carmen López

Psychologin. Master in Human Resources.

That's how most people see work:


  1. I want something 

  2. I need money to get it 

  3. I have to work


With this mentâlity you perceive your co-workers or clients 

as an óbstacle to get what you want.

Now think of it this way: 


1. A customer or partner has a problem 

2. I think about how this person feels and the best solution for her or him-> 

3. I solve the problem


With this way of thinking,  

you focus your attention on the problem to be solved, 

so you listen carefully, 

you become more creàtive, 

you learn to understand others and yourself; and you offer a better solution.


At the end of the day, 

you get more money and 

go home satisfied, because you have helped someone improve their life or work.

Developing your empathy makes you earn more money and you are happier.

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