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Carmen López

Psychologin. Master in Human Resources.



When people focus on responsibilities (children, work, bills, performance...) we activate the neuronal alert circuit.


When this alert circuit remains active for a long time without receiving rewards, we lead our body and mind to an imbalance, which causes problems of stress, anxiety and burnout.


Between the ages of 30 and 50, we increase the daily time dedicated to others. We carry out activities that are mandatory such as work, childcare, household chores, paying bills, etc.. All this causes our strength, energy and focus to diminish significantly if we have not devoted any time to ourselves. 


Our productivity increases when we charge our batteries, as it happens with mobile phones. This is achieved by giving us rewards. We have to dedicate time to activities that satisfy us and give meaning to our lives, activities that make us happy. This maintains our psychological and physical balance. It makes us stronger, happier and more effective.


Take a few minutes to think what things or activities make you feel good and leave time to give yourself small rewards. Play soccer, spend time with friends and family, read a book, dance, learn something new, paint a picture. Don't forget to take care of your body; eat well, drink water and do sports. 


Take time every day to do things that satisfy you. your energy level, concentration and productivity will go up and the risk of burnout will go down.  Those around you will also thank you. 


Do you have a plan to charge up with energy? Do you need to develop one? Tell me about it.

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