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Do you want to be a trusted leader? Do this.

Strong trust in a company sells more, is healthier and has less staff turnover. We would all like to work in such an environment, right?  


If a leader doesn’t trust his team, the team won’t trust him back. Trust is based on reciprocation. So, if you are a leader, you should take the first step in creating a company with a lot of trust.  How? Showing your vulnerability.


You are not perfect, you don’t have all the answers, and you make mistakes. Your staff know it!! So, take off the shield that covers your fears and imperfections.


Start using sentences like „I need help“ „I’m sorry“ or „I don’t know“. Talk about your failures, not just your achievements. Show your team that you are just like them, imperfect and vulnerable. Trust will start to build up. 


It’s not easy. You need to be brave to take off your shield and show who you are. But that is exactly the point: People trust and follow brave leaders.

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