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Resilience is the ability of a person, company or team to overcome adverse circumstances. Having resilient people and teams in companies increases their ability to survive in times of crisis, like now with the coronavirus. 


Resilience allows creativity to be maintained, good interpersonal relationships and the ability to work in high-stress situations. Resilient teams don´t break under pressure. They adapt to new circumstances.


The good news is that resilience can be developed, trained and maintained. To develop it, psychologists work on the thoughts, behaviors and emotions of each team member. We design routines and processes that provide a sense of security before a crisis. And, most importantly, we build trust among team members through various exercises. When each member of the team knows that the others have their back, the team is unstoppable. 


Do you want to increase your or your team's resilience in this time of crisis?

Write to me.

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