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1) Stressmanagement / Motivation / Change Management / Culture


A session for managers and professionals                  CHF 160 

One to one. Duration 1h.                        


Half-day Business Sessions                                           CHF 1300

Half day (5 hours)


One day Business Sessions                                           CHF 1900

Day (8 hours)


Workshop for managers and professionals             CHF 390 per person.

Minimum 3 people. Duration 3h.              


2) Workshops / Lectures / Projects for Companies

Everything about Business Psychology. Tailor-made. Price depending on the project. Please contact me for more Info:

3) 360º Feedback

Know where your employees are and find out where they have growth potential.


Social competence: Communication, teamwork skills, positioning skills, convincing skills, decision-making skills, multicultural teamwork skills. 


Task competence: Analytical thinking, strategic thinking, the capacity to adapt, the capacity to execute, efficiency. 


Personal competence: Self-confidence (behavior, critical thinking), work capacity (perseverance, resistance to stress), motivation (willingness to work, the relationship between management and employees)


Minimum 20 employees.

CHF 420 per employee.



4) Intervention

After the 360º Feedback, we work with the employees to develop their full potential.

CHF.-1900 per full working day.

5) Business Psychology 1 Year

Monitor your company's psychological capital for one year. Detect problems before they grow and intervene immediately to solve them. It includes quarterly monitoring and the necessary interventions. It is an added value not only for the company but also for the employees, who have a psychologist specialized in Business and personal development to turn to when they need it. 

Minimum 20 employees.

CHF.-  59 per employee per month.


6) Psychological evaluation of candidates


Know which is the best candidate when selecting your staff. Go beyond the curriculum and the interview and measure psychologically their social, personal and task skills.

CHF.-1260 by selection. 

3 candidates included


Travel costs not included. For meetings outside the client's company or Carmen López's office (Off-site), there will be additional costs for renting premises.

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