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The killer in your company.

Carmen López

Psychologin. Master in Human Resources.

The most dangerous thing for your company is silence. 


As a leader, you are afraid of show weakness and feel embarrassed. It’s a common emotion. That’s why you tend not to accept critics from subordinates. You prefer silence, and you make it clear with a range of defense measures: From uncomfortable silences to firing the troublemakers. But precisely those subordinates are the most valuable asset. They see a crisis coming and show red flags before it’s too late. 


Let them talk. 


If you calmly listen and encourage your people to talk, they will feel safe. You won’t appear as a weak person. You will be seen as a brave and generous leader who has no fear of being confronted with problems. You will be the one who fights to solve them. 


Let them talk. You will be stronger. Your organization will be stronger.


Don’t let silence kill your company.


Take five minutes to think about what kind of communication you have in your business.

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