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Carmen López

Psychologin. Master in Human Resources.

Confidence in institutions is at its lowest value since the seventies (1) That’s why trust has become one of the most valuable asset for a company.


Confidence is based in a basic human psychological trait: Reciprocity. If I get something good from you, I feel like I have to give you something back. 


What happens if you give me something good once and again, consistently? first I will give you my confidence, then my loyalty finally my love. That’s how human relationships work. That’s how friendships and family ties are build up. It doesn’t have to be money what you give: Security, time, information, confidence, and your attention and understanding are assets they will cherish.


Do you want to be successful as a company or a professional? Do the right thing for your employees and your customers, give them value first, and give them more than they expect.



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