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Forget the goal. Love the process.EN

We all love to win, but hate the long and continuous effort to get there. That’s why so many people fail.
If you want to be great, forget about big goals. Do this instead:  
1.Think about three or four hard things you are able to do everyday: Learning a new language, sharpening your programming skills, designing, writing…
2.Choose one skill (just one) that is valuable and people or companies would pay for.
3.Set a fixed time every day to work on that skill. 
4.Work on your skill for one to three years.
5.Make your ability public.
6.Wait and see.
If you do this you will be better than 99.99% of the people on that skill. 
You will be extremely valuable, so you won’t have to chase big dreams. The dreams will come to you.  

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