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I Can't Decide...EN

The most complicated part of a decision is not to say YES to an option. It is to say NO to the others.

Every decision we make produces a feeling of loss and humans have a very bad time 


In countless psychological experiments it has been shown that we prefer to avoid a small loss rather than risk winning a big profit. 

Do you find it difficult to make decisions?

Never think about which may be the best option. Think about who you want to be.

When choosing what to study, don't think about job opportunities or pay. Think about who you want to be in ten or twenty years.

Don't think about what you're going to HAVE. Think about who you are going to BE. 

Each decision we make defines who we are: with whom I share my life, what my job is, what I do in my free time, what clothes I wear, how I spend my money... 

Define who you want to become and then make your decisions. It will be much easier for you to say NO to everything else. 

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