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The most dangerous word for a CEO. EN

As CEO, you are not paid to decide, but to execute, to make good things happen in your company. That's why your position is called “executive". 

Remember this: 

1. A not executed decision is just a reflection.

2. A decision has not been made until it has been executed.

There is a very dangerous sentence when you want to make a decision: I SHOULD. It has negative connotations and produces guilt feelings. Most often we try to avoid or flee the situation, and think that we will do it at a better time. 

Words are emotionally charged, and therefore generate positive or negative emotions. This week, whatever your circumstances, consciously choose words that generate positive emotions to talk to others and to yourself. 

Remove I SHOULD from your vocabulary, and use I WANT instead. This last word is oriented to future, well-being and commitment, all positive emotions that lead us to action. 

Write me in the comments how has it gone.

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