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Toxic Behavior. EN

A company with a toxic culture, is one, in which people are not treated with respect. 

A boss, who tells an employee that his job is rubbish, is not being practical, he's being rude. Many times this behavior occurs among co-workers as well. 

I'm not talking about a one-time problem. 62% of workers say, according to Porath, that a co-worker has disrespected them in the last month. It is very likely that in your company you have this problem.

Unfortunately, these micro-aggressions have consequences. According to the researcher, two thirds of people who suffer from this, have lower motivation and performance, and 12% end up leaving the company. 

Being rude and disrespectful is contagious, because those who feel attacked, often fight back. Thus, one enters a spiral that can have dire consequences for the company, including, according to Lombardo, its disappearance.

You can be clear about this by being both polite and friendly, and it is extremely profitable to create a culture of respect in the company. 

How do you do this? 

First, by example. Leaders have to be, the ones to treat each and every person with respect. 

Second, by recognizing the economic loss of being rude, and communicating this to workers. 

Third, by rewarding respectful workers. 

Fourth, by educating through workshops. 

And fifth, by making it clear to bullies, that bad manners, are not tolerated in the company. 

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