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Are you very smart? I'm sorry, your success is not assured

Are you very smart? Are you having trouble achieving the career goals you've set for yourself? Maybe it´s time to work on your social and emotional intelligence.

I know you already have most of the answers to questions. I also know- that the people around you- are not able to see what you see. And I know -that in- an argument you're almost always right.

But being right is not important. It only increases your ego and, in the worst case, humiliates those who have to work with you.

What's really important to advance in your career is to make the project you're working on a success. To do that, you need to get people involved. And to involve them you need to know how to listen, have empathy and develop your emotional and social intelligence. Analytical and strategic intelligence is important, but it is not enough to succeed.

If you are very smart and you don't achieve your goals, you need psychological tools.

Think about it and if that´s the case, I can help you.

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