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How to Become a Star Employee. Phase 1. The Briefing.

Every time you get a job or a project to be done, follow these 9 steps during the briefing:

  1. Listen carefully to what your boss needs from you.

  2. Try to make a mental image of the end result.

  3. Take notes. Don’t forget anything.

  4. Make questions so everything is clear for both of you.

  5. Give your boss a deadline much farther than necessary.

  6. Make at the end of the meeting a summary for him or her to confirm.

  7. Reassure your boss verbally. Say „Count on it“ for example.

  8. Send an Email with the summary, and ask if he or she needs to make any correction or addition.

  9. Save the Email with the answer.

This way you will look professional and everything will be clear.

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