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Be connected

Your brain is not an isolated entity. It’s connected to your body, to other people, and to the environment. Do you want proof?

1. Your brain is part of your body

-Exercise during childhood /promotes cognitive capabilities in middle age (1).

-Creativity increases 60% while walking (2)

2. Your brain is part of the community

-Greater loneliness predicts greater anxiety, stress, and depression. (3)

-Being kind to other people decreases anxiety and increases calmness (4)

3. Your brain is part of Nature

-Spending time in green spaces like forests is related to lower rates of depression and higher social cohesion (5)

-Marine and coastal margins, so-called blue spaces, were found to be the happiest locations by an extensive study/ in 2013 (6)

The more disconnected from reality you are, the worse your mental health becomes.

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