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Sports can be a bad analogy for business. You have to lose, so I can win. This mentality brings a lot of anxiety and depression to the workplace.

Have you ever pushed a car out of the mud with the help of other people?

Have you ever danced in a group or played in a band?

How does it feel when your performance is perfect?

When the driver of the car thanks you all smiling?

It feels great.

When you collaborate, your body rewards you with a flush of the hormone Oxytocin. It reduces stress, makes you more open and connected, and you feel great. We are wired to help each other out.

Start seeing your work as a collaboration, not a competition.

I wish you a great day!

Strengthen your leadership skills with #carmenlopezleadership.


I can help you to:

▶ Strengthen your LEADERSHIP.

▶ Reduce your STRESS

▶ To cope with CHANGE.

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