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Do you a feeling of loss of control?This is why

Panic attacks affect nearly eight million people in Europe. A panic attack is a frightening experience. Those who suffer from them often think they are having a heart attack or stroke and that they are going to die. There are certain environmental factors that can trigger panic attacks, including high levels of stress over long periods of time, anxiety, depression, phobias, having experienced something traumatic mentally or physically, drugs, and excessive use of alcohol or caffeine. The first step in treating panic attacks is to make sure there’s no other medical issue going on. Getting checked is important. Once that is done, the psychological treatment can begin. The therapy in my practice is cognitive-behavioral. The bedrock is as follows: Your thoughts provoke emotions, and these provoke physical behaviors and reactions. If you control your thoughts, you control your emotions and your physical reaction. It is a long process that usually takes around six to nine months. ● First, the patient will realize their negative thoughts are not real threats and work to replace them with positive ones. ● Next, the patient will receive tools to react to anxiety attacks using breathing techniques ● The next part is challenging. The patient must face their fears. It’s natural to want to avoid the place, thing, or person which was around when you experienced the attack, but it is unhealthy. The sooner it’s faced, the sooner you can heal and move on. ● The last part is simple: avoid chemical triggers such as coffee, alcohol, and drugs. If you would like to try to solve panic attacks on your own, I wish you patience and success and encourage you to read more about it on my blog here: There, I also link to some helpful resources. If you do not feel confident or have not been successful on your own, I highly recommend the help of a psychologist. They will be able to guide you, adapt the strategies, treatments, and techniques to your specific case, so that the recovery will be faster and more complete. I wish you a great day! Strengthen your leadership skills with #carmenlopezleadership. #leadership #humanresources #happy #stress ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Want more leadership tips? Follow me every week on Carmen López Psicología Empresarial. #Carmenlopezleadership (🔔) If you click on the bell on the top right of my profile, you will receive a notification of a new post. Start the day with a constructive message. I can help you to: ▶ Strengthen your LEADERSHIP. ▶ Reduce your STRESS ▶ To cope with CHANGE.


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