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Emotional Intelligence

In a big fire everyone is afraid, including firefighters. But they know how to control that fear to resolve the situation. Whether it's saving people or forests, they've trained for it!

We learn emotion management in our environment with family, at school, with friends, at work... but we don't learn it in a structured and optimal way. How do we deal with frustration, anger, fear, demotivation and stress?

Anxiety, for example, predicts with a high percentage of success that a person will not succeed in developing a complex cognitive task.

Controlling EMOTIONS does not mean ceasing to be yourself, but learning to use the right emotion at the right time. You learn to change your mood to feel better and achieve better results.

If you adapt your emotions to the situation, your chances of success increase.

Science has shown that the Emotional Quotient is very important for social and professional success. According to Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence is responsible for more than 85% of executives' success. It is a basic tool for our mental health, manage our lives better and achieve better teams and results.

Intelligence is good. Emotional intelligence is even better.

You can develop your Emotional Intelligence.

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