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Here You Are Losing Money

Your psychological well-being and that of the workers, is responsible for 30% of your company's productivity variation.

Imagine you run a software company. You have 10 engineers, and each of them produce 2,000 Euros per week on average. But, as in any company, not everyone works the same. A 40% variation in productivity is quite common.

The variation in productivity between them is 800 Euros per week.

Of those 800 Euros, 30%, 320 Euros, are explained by the difference in psychological well-being. In other words, this company loses 166,400 Euros a year for not optimizing the psychological well-being of their engineers. This happens in engineering.

In sales, the difference in performance due to psychological well-being is even greater: In Metropolitan, the most optimistic salespeople sell 88% more than the least optimistic.

Have you calculated the costs of not optimizing the psychological capital of your company? It’s very possible that you are losing money.

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