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How being resilient can help you perform better at work


Resilient people and organizations perform better. But how can we become resilient? Fortunately, it’s something you can practice by simply altering the way you think about them.

1. ACCEPTANCE. Accept that problems and crises are inevitable. You and your company are neither special nor unlucky. Crises come. They should not be taken as an insurmountable catastrophe, but as something natural.

2. FIND THE OPPORTUNITY. A problem always has two sides: It can be dangerous, but there’s always an opportunity within it. Be creative and try to see what opportunities the problems you face offer you.

3. CHANGE YOUR EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS. We all feel nervous, sad, angry or afraid when we are hit with unexpected issues in life or work. Our body simply prepares to face it. Smile. You are either going to win or learn.

4. “THAT SOMETHING IS DIFFICULT IS ALL THE MORE REASON TO DO IT.” - RAINER MARIA RILKE. Our heroes are not the people who live peacefully, but those who face great challenges and succeed. How you face a problem defines who you are. A problem allows you to become your own hero.

If you are going through a tough time right now, think about the problems you overcame years ago. You will get through this, too. How do you deal with your problems? Tell me about it in the comments!

I wish you a great day!

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