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How curiosity generates profit

Updated: May 12, 2022

Curiosity is a hunger for learning. Much like actual hunger, our brain rewards us when the feeling is satiated. The brain reward circuit releases dopamine and we feel immediately good. Dopamine is very important in all of this because it triggers the desire and craving for reward, which sets off our motivation.

Dr. Matthias Gruber from the University of California has discovered that curiosity, like hunger, triggers the brain reward circuit. When we are curious, learning becomes pleasant, something that our brain will try to repeat. It's not uncommon that we speak about a "hunger for knowledge", because that's precisely what curiosity provokes.

Nature ́s message is clear: Learning guarantees our survival as individuals and species.

In our current economic environment, we have to be life-long learners. You can earn your degrees and learn languages, giving you an advantage in the job market at 25. But after that, you have to keep growing and expanding and adapting your knowledge and skills.

Curiosity is the key to doing just that. But how do we awaken curiosity?

1. The new and the unexpected.

2. Information gap.

3. Information ́s Significance.

4. Information ́s usefulness.