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How psychology can help you practice emotional self control

Everyone loses control of their emotions at some point. That’s not reserved for aggressive or dominant types. The problem is that in a business, losing that control can lead to self sabotage or missing out on opportunities.

Once you are able to recognize strong emotions within yourself, there are techniques you can use to keep them in check.

Emotional self-control does not mean "not having emotions" or "not being oneself," as some people spontaneously state. Learning to handle emotions correctly contributes to the development of our emotional intelligence and helps us to deal better with ourselves and others and to achieve our goals. Through emotional self-control we learn to recognize our motivations and become aware of the interplay and the relationship between emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

Some psychological techniques include breath control, muscle relaxation, and biofeedback techniques (learning to connect physical sensations with mental state). Cognitive techniques help identify irrational destructive thoughts and replace them with realistic thinking. For example, instead of thinking, “I’m not a good boss”, practice telling yourself, "I have no reason to believe I'm not cut out to be a boss. On the contrary, my superiors think I can do my job well that's why they offered me the new job." Lastly, behavioral techniques allow you to put what you’ve learned into practice.

We all have the power for self-control within us - it is our personal "superpower". It helps us to cope with the adversities of life. Learning the techniques can help us improve our quality of life and dramatically improve our satisfaction and performance.

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