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How to Face a Problem

When you are confronted with a problem and you look at it as a threat, you activate your stress response. Your brain gets laser-focused on avoiding damage. You elicit negative emotions. The solutions you provide are fast, non creative and sometimes counter-productive.

You are on self-preservation mode. This is not the best way to conduct yourself in business.

If you look at a problem as if it was a puzzle to solve, you activate a positive response on your brain. You are not faced with a threat, but with an opportunity. You elicit positive emotions. Your brain gets broad-focused. You are able to make connections between different ideas to bring multiple and original solutions. You are on play mode. This is how you want to conduct yourself at work. This is how great companies are created, with a sense of playfulness and discover.

Next time you are comfronted with a complex problem, look at it as a puzzle.

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