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How to increase your company's profit by 22%

The key lies in a psychological factor: employee motivation. This is demonstrated by scientific studies such as Herzberg's, or the latest statistics published by Gallup.

Google actively works on motivation among its employees and achieves 40% above-average productivity. 

Here you have some tips to work on the motivation of your team:

1. Establish a positive work environment for collaboration and give your people a sense of belonging.

2. Give positive feedback and acknowledge their achievements.

3. Implement challenges and continuous learning for personal and professional development.

4. Give them autonomy to carry out tasks.

5. Once and again communicate the company's goals and the actions to achieve them. 

6. Evaluate the satisfaction of your employees periodically.

Motivation equals Benefits.

That's easy to understand. But how many of these actions do you carry out in your company to increase profits? Two? Three? It is difficult to apply these points, because it requires time, knowledge and a change of mentality. The companies that implement those points are those that in the long term attract and retain talent, earn more money and therefore survive. 

Do you want to be one of those companies?

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