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How to learn more and better

Continuous learning is essential for you to be valued throughout your career. There's no disputing that. But where do we find the time to learn a new skill? A language, for example?

Forget about studying intensively at the weekend. Spaced learning is the best way. That is, a little every day instead of a lot a day. In an experiment carried out by Cepeda and others in 2006, in 95% of the cases, spaced learning outperformed mass learning.

The key is to study one learning unit each day, for example half a page of text, or two problems, or ten vocabulary words. Try to make each unit about 10 minutes long. The next day, you add a new unit, and review the previous one. You will then incorporate lessons each day, and repeat previous lessons. Ideally, you should repeat each lesson between 7 and 10 times, each time in a more spaced out manner.

I have developed a table for you to know which units you have to study each day following this method. If you want to get it for free, follow me on LinkedIn, or sign up for my Newsletter here:

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