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If you want to keep your work, do this:

- Your boss is your only client. Treat him accordingly.

- Your boss is not perfect. Neither you are.

- Solve problems, don’t create them.

- Give solutions, not excuses.

- Try to find answers by yourself before asking.

- Be present. Be punctual. Be predictable.

- Communicate your work progress weekly to your boss. An email suffices.

- If you get more than one project to do, ask what the priority is.

- If you have nothing to do, ask for more work.

- Ask for feedback about your performance regularly. Don’t wait until the annual review.

- Don’t gossip about your boss. Ever.

- Never forget what your boss says. Write it down.

- Produce more than you cost.

- Do good work. Complete, on time, on budget, and with the required quality.

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