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Is optimistic bias holding you back from being your best self?

Optimistic bias is the tendency we have to give ourselves way too much credit. For example, 93% of people think they are better than average at driving, when the true number is somewhere around 50% of people.

We tend to think that we are better than we really are in every aspect, not just driving. This is a phenomenon which affects us all, but more often men than women.

Why is this a problem? If we are too overconfident, we may not realize where we need to improve, in work or in life. In work, a good practice to prevent this happening is to have a 360° feedback in which your colleagues, bosses, and team evaluate you.

This will ensure you get a truthful opinion on your work and the areas where you can improve.

The truth hurts. But it’s the first step to becoming the best version of yourself in order to achieve your goals.

Answer these two questions:

1. How many people do you know that overestimate themselves?

2. Do you overestimate yourself?