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The Best Employee

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

In business, not everyone wants to be a leader. Among the people who follow me, there are many professionals who love their work.

You want to be better every day, to advance in your career and improve your company and the society you serve. Architects, finance experts, salespeople, accountants, railwaymen, civil servants, computer scientists... we need people like you, because thanks to you and your daily work, we enjoy products and services that only 20 years ago were a dream.

To be an exceptional worker you don't just need knowledge and experience. Your character and your psychological and social skills are crucial to success. This is what your boss expects of you:

1. Be reliable: Keep your word and be always on time.

2. Seek excellence: Your work must be outstanding.

3. Exceed expectations: When you give a deadline, calculate at least 50% above the time you really need.

4. Be tidy: Your desk says a lot about you, not just the physical one. Your computer desk too. Always put them in order before you go home.

5. Never stop learning: Be better every day or your skills will be outdated.

6. When you have to report a problem with your boss, always bring solutions.

7. Take initiative: Don't wait for orders. When you have finished your task, think about what you can do to help the company and do it.

8. Stay in touch at least every Friday. Show your boss about your week's work.

9. Be always positive: A smile and a positive and motivated attitude move mountains and attract the people around you.

10. Help others: The worst thing you can say in a company when someone needs help is "That's not my job".

But the most important skill of all is empathy: Put yourself in the shoes of your boss and your colleagues, and get ahead of their needs.

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