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This could be the reason why you feel so low at work.

Normal people have a moral compass. We know when we have done good, and we know when we haven’t done what we should.

Moral injury happens when we do, are forced to do, or witness something against our core beliefs.

Think about this:

-Health care workers that have to choose between two persons for an ICU

-A sales person that promises something to a client, and see how his or her boss doesn’t fulfill that promise.

-A lawyer that sees how her company systematically charges more hours than she really has worked.

-An employee that witness how the boss systematically bully a workmate.

-A freelance that forget an important meeting with a client due to too much drink the night before.

-A drone pilot who is ordered to drop a bomb in an area with civilians.

As you see, there are different degrees of moral injury. But all of them have something in common: When they happen you think: „This is not correct“ „This is not good“ or „This is not fair“

Moral injury can trigger a strong emotional response. The more immoral the situation is for us, the bigger that response will be. Shame and guilt can take a toll in our psych