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Want to Change the Culture in Your Company? Use This!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

If you need a boost of engagement and positivity in your company, use social recognition. Establish this program: Every employee has to nominate the best colleague every week, and explain why she or he has been chosen. Positive change, exemplary work, valuable contributions…

Then, bring this feedback to the recipients.

Peer to peer praise is extremely powerful. Burn out can be cut to a half, engagement increases and turn over gets down. Everybody wins.

If you need to create a positive culture change in your company, contact me and tell me about it.

Want to ge a great leader? Do this.

A leader doesn’t withhold information. She shares it openly.

A leader leads her people with hope, not with fear.

A leader doesn’t seizes power. She empower others and give them freedom so they can do their best.

If you are not able to empower others, share all the information and lead with hope, it means one of two things:

You don’t have the right people, or you are not the right leader.

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