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What can you expect when working with me to overcome stress, anxiety or burn-out

For example, in the first session, most of the time I can quickly see what’s happening with my client. Nonetheless, I follow a semi-structured conversation to confirm the diagnosis. I use tests as well if necessary.

Sometimes people come to me saying that they feel bad, but they don’t know what they have. I try to get a precise diagnosis, so we can work on the problem as fast as possible.

In the first session it is possible to bring one or two tools to my client to cope with stress. This way he or she can experience a first tension release.

Later, after each session, my client will start applying what we have discussed. He or she will change thoughts and behaviors in the real world.

For example, if we have talked about the importance of saying no, my client will have to put it into practice. First visualizing the moment, then saying no, and then analyzing the emotions before, during, and after.

This technic slowly brings back the control to their life and work, reducing anxiety step by step.

After 4 sessions my clients start experiencing the change. Their quality of life gets better. Depending on how severe the stress is, they could still need around 12 sessions more. Anxiety is a habit of the mind, and going back to it is relatively easy.

After they have recovered, they use these tools all their life.


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