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Why your company needs a business psychologist

What does a business psychologist do? Many problems within a company occur because employees or managers experience issues which never get expressed until it’s too late. If that issue had only been made known, something could have been done to solve it.

Enter, psychology. Obviously psychology doesn’t allow us to suddenly read minds. But what it does allow is a safe environment for employees to express frustrations and concerns. In this way, solutions can be found before problems get out of control and end up costing the company money.

Another issue that having a psychologist can help you with is emotion management. Negative emotions such as anger, fear, and anxiety, are the most difficult ones to control. A psychologist will help take control of that problem before it even occurs - by identifying the signs.

A third and extremely important advantage to having a psychologist in your business is change management. Frequently, companies will see that something that worked very well in the past suddenly threatens to render it totally irrelevant. It can be difficult to manage that change, but a psychologist uses different strategies, such as adjusting leadership styles. One important example is making sure you applaud errors rather than penalize them. Encourage risk taking. The most important thing is not what you say to your employees, but what you DO and how you REACT. You are the role model for all of them. The psychologist can work with the behaviors and emotions of the leaders so they can transmit that change to all the people.

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