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You too can change your habits

95 percent of the decisions we make every day are automatic. They are habits which are learned over the years, which through repetition become unconscious. These unconscious decisions cause most of the problems at work and in our private lives. How we react to a situation, our prejudices towards others or the idea we have about ourselves determine the degree of our success and happiness.

Psychology helps you to bring unconscious thoughts and behaviors to the surface that prevent you from achieving your goals. By making them conscious, you can change them into thoughts and behaviors that will lead you directly to success. The psychologist asks you questions, makes you write or gives you exercises to get you to change your habits.

Psychology even helps you define your goals. Many people are not clear about what they want.

Think about it:

What are the thoughts and behaviors that prevent you or your company from succeeding?

What are you doing to change them?


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